Hospice/Horizon Suite

Hospice services can be provided throughout the campus. To assist us with providing end of life care we contract with outside Hospice providers in the St. Croix Valley area.

We never really want to think about the end of life, but we also recognize the spiritual nature of dying. We believe that this difficult time can be better handled in an environment where family members have privacy, and are able to spend a time of vigil in closeness with their loved ones.

At Christian Community Home the Horizon Suite was built with the goal of creating an environment that would serve and support family involvement during times of critical health needs, such as end of life. The suite has been designed to help provide privacy and dignity during this very difficult and emotional time of transition. The Horizon Suite is offered at no additional cost to our residents at Christian Community Home.

The sitting room is complete with a sleeper sofa, a recliner, small table and chairs, small refrigerator, and coffee maker. The bathroom is also equipped with a full shower, which is available for family members to use.

Our Campus Guest Room is also available.

A room cannot take away the grief of losing someone we love, but we think this environment will help in some small and important way to allow better preparation for the end.