Contact Information

Executive Director

Dan Goodier                                                     

Director of Operations

Mary Eells                                                        

Corporate Finance Director

Janelle Johnson                                    

Director of Human Resources

Tina Burton                 715-386-4534   

Director of Pine Ridge Assisted Living

Brenda Magadanz    715-381-4205       

Director of WinterGreen Housing

Kathy O’Connell          715-386-5088                

Director of Nursing

Jennie Orman                                                    

Director of Financial Services

Debi Mager                                                      

Admissions Coordinator

Hannah Johnson          715-386-4535                

Customer Relations/ Volunteer Coordinator

Shelly DeStasio           715-381-4203                

Social Worker

Michelle Bee                    715-381-4206                

Assisted Living Coordinator

Michelle Serkowski                                          

Director of Dining Services

Kimberly Drexl                                                       

Registered Dietitian

Sheryl Rust                                                       

Therapeutic Recreation Manager

Deborah Tonsager      715-386-4524                              

*On-site Rehabilitation Services contracted through Rehab Care

Therapy Department   715-386-4528

Please feel free at any time to talk to these individuals about questions or concerns that relate to the specific departments.  If you are unsure about whom to talk to, the social worker is available to assist you and/or direct you to the appropriate individual or department.  We appreciate any suggestions or input you may have on how to make your experience at CCH more pleasant and accommodating.