Classic Look Hair Design

Our campus beauty salons have a variety of services to choose from. We offer haircuts, shampoo/sets, perms, and beard/mustache trims, just to name a few of these services.

Cost of services:

Shampoo                                                                    $10.00
Shampoo/Blow comb only                              $16.00
Shampoo/Blow comb/Curling Iron           $20.00
Shampoo/Set (in rollers only)                       $19.00
Haircut Only: Men & Women                       $16.00
Beard trim                                                                  $ 8.00
Permanent Colors                                                $40.00
Perm (includes haircut & shampoo set)   $65.00

Appointments can be made by calling

WinterGreen Salon                       715-386-4522
CCH Salon                                          715-386-4523