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Gertens Plant Cards – Makes a great gift, or a way to complete your order. Add to Cart
Use to purchase living, growing plants and fresh Christmas greenery at Gertens in Inver Grove Heights.  This includes annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, etc.  (Plant Cards cannot be used on a wholesale/contractor account.  Other acceptions apply. See brochure for more information.)
FGC25 $25 Plant Card $25.00  

FGC50 $50 Plant Card $50.00
FGC100 $100 Plant Card $100.00
Hanging Baskets – Sun
GH2478 14″ Awesome Sun ComboHanging Basket – A beautiful combination including Geraniums, blooming annual fillers, Petunias, and more! Colors will vary. $70.00
GH0556 12.8″ Geranium Calliope Dark Red $39.00
GH0134 11.85″ Thunbergia – Yellow $39.00
GH0497 11″ Petunia Raspberry Blast $34.00
Hanging Baskets – Part Sun/Shade
GH0325 12.8″ New Guinea Mixed Colors $39.00
GH0165 12″ Fuchsia Red/Purple $39.00
Patio Tubs & Containers – Sun
GH2511 16″ Awesome Sun Combo Patio Tub A beautiful combination of Geraniums, blooming annual fillers, Petunias and more!  Ready to set on your patio and enjoy! $70.00
GH2090 11″ Patio Tub Geranium Pink $37.00
GH2088 11″ Patio Tub Geranium Red $37.00
Patio Tubs & Containers – Shade/Part Sun
GH2508 16″ Begonia Tub – Mix – Shade’Pink, Red, Yellow and Orange Begonias with a Draceana Spike Center. – Great color for Shady places! $70.00
4.75″ Premium Potted Annuals
GP3474 Calibrachoa -Hula Soft Pink – Sun $5.50
GP3435 Calibrachoa Yellow – Sun $5.50
GP3954 Dahlia Scarlet/Yellow bicolor – Sun $5.50
GP4147 New Guinea Sweet Cherry bicolor-Sun/Shade $5.50
GP6027 Sunpatiens Tropical Rose – Sun/Shade New! $5.50
Basket Pack Flats: Flat contains 3 basket packs with 6 premium plants in each pack, total of 18 plants – Sold in Full Flats only.
GH2709 Petunia Mix Wave- Sun $35.00
Basket Pack Flat:Flat contains 3 basket packs with 4 premium plants in each pack, total of 12 plants – Sold in Full Flats only.
GH2835 New Guinea Sunpatiens – mixed colors disease resistant! – Sun/Part Sun $35.00
 Annual Flats Sun :Flat contains 6 packs with 6 plants in each pack, total of 36 plants – Sold in Full Flats only.
GH1053 Alyssum White – Sun $26.00
GH1483 Marigold Mix 8-12″ – Sun $26.00
GH1747 Petunia Mix – Sun $26.00
GH1890 Snapdragon Liberty Mix(18″-22″) – Sun $26.00
GH1009 Zinnia Profusion Dbl Mix – Sun $26.00
Annual Flats – Part Sun/Shade Flat contains 6 packs with 6 plants in each pack, total of 36 plants – Sold in Full Flats only.
GH1090 Begonia Fibrous Mix – Part Sun/Shade $26.00
GH1203 Coleus Mix – Shade $26.00
GH1360 Impatiens Mix – Shade $26.00
GH5137 10″ Patio PotTomato w/support cage – Sweet N’ Neat – Sun $20.00