A few words from our patrons…

Three years ago, we moved my 89-year-old mother from Seattle, Washington to Hudson, Wisconsin. We were too far away to realize what worried friends and neighbors finally had to tell us: “She can’t live alone anymore.”   We sorted through more than 30 years of apartment accumulation, reorganized finances and medical records, brought her to live with my family, and put her on the waiting list at Wintergreen, the independent wing of Christian Community Homes here in Hudson. After two months, an apartment became available and we completed the move.

Mom lived at Wintergreen for 15 months. She loved her walkout apartment, the excellent dining and the people she met, but after several months, was not doing well. She ate inconsistently, hesitated to participate in activities, left food to burn on her stove, lost track of what day it was, and, after years of writing lengthy letters to family and friends, could hardly remember how to fill out a check.

 The staff recognized Mom’s difficulties and suggested supplemental services, an option Wintergreen added in recent years. Help with medications, reminders about activities, and the addition of an evening meal were great, but Mom needed more, and as much as I tried to deny it, she could not take care of herself. Evaluations confirmed progression of Alzheimer’s-related dementia.

I fought the idea of memory care at first – I cried and grieved the changes in my mom’s behavior and personality. But I now realize we had waited almost too long to move her from Seattle, and as much as Mom enjoyed her independence, avoiding memory care would have delayed the inevitable, so we moved her to Pine Ridge Gardens. It was difficult to explain the change to her at the time, but now that she has adjusted, she is more involved and energized than she was at Wintergreen. She can spend time alone in her studio apartment if she wants, but is hardly ever there because she doesn’t want to miss anything!   When the weather is nice, she spends time in the secure gardens, either alone or with other residents. (Mom spent so much time out there this past summer that people were commenting on her tan!) She sees many of the wonderful staff members she met while at Wintergreen and they always greet her by name. The staff in the Gardens are kind and respectful, patient and understanding; the meals are delicious. Mom exercises regularly in the Red Oak Center, enjoys cooking sessions, singalongs, polka dancing, Friday happy hour, seasonal celebrations, birthday parties, weekly mass (she’s not Catholic, but likes the priests!), devotions, special programs and guest musicians,  and daily coffee at 2:30. (She doesn’t  care for bingo or crafts, but likes to watch!) 

Moving my mother to Pine Ridge Gardens was tough at first, but it has been a blessing. The CCH Campus understands all levels of senior care, is on the cutting edge of quality, personalized programs (like “Music and Memory”!), and is committed to its Christian mission to value seniors at every phase of life and treat them with respect. We know my mom is safe, happy and well-cared for, and we thank God for everyone who makes Pine Ridge Gardens such a good place to be.

– Adele Dolan (daughter of Dorothy Ausink)

“This was the right time and the right place when we decided to move into WinterGreen; the time when we no longer wanted to shovel snow, or mow the lawn. We found all that we hoped for with activities to keep us busy, or quiet time for ourselves.

But really, it’s the people here that made our move so enjoyable. There is great ambiance and cares, helpful management, an extensive up to date library, and marvelous dinners.”

– Edna & Don Cahoy

“What a blessing CCH is for us. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and clean. The staff is helpful, patient and respectful. Workers cheerful help really touch Jean (Mom). If health issues arise, we are contacted promptly. We feel that there is good communication through Care Conferences, news letters and phone calls. We are thankful for the knowledgeable food service that adapts to Jean’s special dietary needs. Jean really enjoys the activities, especially balloon volleyball. We are thankful for the fun parties, music, the birds, the fish, etc. in a secure, Christian setting.”

– Dave and Jackie Boorman